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Post Production Linear and Non-Linear Editing

The editing facilities at OCT consist of a digital linear inter-format suite and three Final Cut Pro suites

The digital linear suite is composed of digital beta, betaSP and DVCam machines tied together with an EditWare 500 series editor and Ross Synergy switcher. This suite is can edit up to 3 hrs digitally on DVCam tapes, easily handling multi-cam and long format projects. This suite is also equipped with a Pinnacle DVE Extreme effects unit and a Pinnacle Deko 2000 character generator for complete post-production editing.

The three Final Cut Pro suites can ingest media from either BetaSP, or DV Cam, or Digital Betacam via the Omneon file server. Both suites are equipped with Adobe photoshop and Adobe after Efx. Both suites are equipped with FinalCut Pro HD, DVD Studio Pro 3 with LiveType and Motion for animated graphics. An AVID Unity system facilitates the storage of media and networking among the non-linear suites. External audio boards and video scopes enhance the quality control of media in all of the suites.

All non-linear suites are interconnected to the server, allowing the editors to transfer files and completed projects between each suite and directly to the on-air server for broadcast, keeping the projects in the digital realm. The on-air server broadcasts at DV25 level.