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Office of Cable Television
Feature Programs

Mayors Weekly Press Briefing

DCN’s new show “The O” is all about opinions!  That means everything is on the table as a visiting panel of local pundits and personalities serve up their own candid opinions on a wide range of topics. This season, Kittie Troy, former host at BET and VH1 mixes it up with the roundtable in some of the freshest, funniest and most reverent conversations on cable TV.  When it comes to “The O”, there’s no right or wrong answer, there are only opinions!.

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Mayors Weekly Press Briefing

“The Sound” of music is in the air as DCN’s newest arts program profiles some of the city’s most talented music artists.  From homegrown stars to visiting chart toppers, the exciting new series explores the rich tapestry of music genres that exist in the District of Columbia. With a music selection and a studio interview, “The Sound” provides a little music and a little insight into lives of the artists.  So grab a seat and listen in as
DCN learns something new about the singers and musicians who are capturing the hearts and minds of Washingtonians.

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Mayors Weekly Press Briefing

“Uptown/Downtown” is a new DCN series featuring positive stories about people, communities and businesses in the District that are the life blood of our city -- yet they often flourish behind the headlines. The series gives citizens a chance to discover these many diverse stories that thrive along our Great Streets and main streets -- from small businesses to grand openings -- from Little League sports to Major League games – from cultural events to community affairs -- and even the latest “green” or “sustainable” projects within our city.  In short, “Uptown/Downtown” is another opportunity for DCN to share more good news about the District of Columbia - whether it’s happening uptown, downtown -- eastside or westside!

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Mayors Weekly Press Briefing

When it comes to the latest news and information about the District, it is one of the most important television events held. Mayor Vincent C. Gray hosts bi-weekly press briefings in which media representatives get the opportunity to question the Mayor on topical issues concerning the District government.

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Agency Spotlight

Inside One City: Conversations with Mayor Vincent C. Gray

In an original new DCN cable television series hosted by Mayor Vincent C. Gray, viewers get an inside look at the workings of the District of Columbia government. Each episode features candid, in-depth discussions with city officials and other guests as they sit down with the Mayor for some of the most relevant conversations taking place in the District. The series also provides timely updates on important issues that affect residents and visitors alike; including education reform, jobs creation, economic development and public safety. By watching Inside One City, viewers not only learn about the many programs and services provided by the District of Columbia government, but also what city officials are doing to keep these programs and services on track as well as make improvements


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TV-16 News Break

Formerly TV-16’s News Break, the new “1350 Penn” series provides viewers with direct access to the daily happenings in the District government, by offering condensed coverage, highlights and news clips of Mayor Gray’s press conferences, announcements, ribbon cuttings, town hall meetings, bill signings and important keynote speeches. DCN’s “1350 Penn” derives its name from the street address of DC’s own city hall, the historic John A. Wilson Building at 1350 Pennsylvania Avenue


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Agency Spotlight

A special series of videos highlighting the various agencies of the government of the District of Columbia. Each video in the series provides an overview of a District agency, including its mission, programs and services. This special presentation allows viewers to easily learn more about how these agencies are working to help improve life in the District.


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With more and more Americans turning to cable television, it has become the primary source for television in a majority of U.S. homes. That's why the Office of Cable Television has launched "Cable Talk", an exciting new show about the power of cable television and what that means for local consumers. Hosted by Eric E. Richardson, Director of the Office of Cable, DCN's new show features insights from cable providers Comcast, RCN and Verizon; technology experts; customer service representatives; and even cable consumers themselves. Some of the many show topics include: the latest fiber optic options in the city; cable crime-fighting partnerships with the DC Police Department; efforts to bridge the digital divide; managing cable content; and even the Cable Consumer Bill of Rights. Tune in to DCN's new "Cable Talk" show and find out why everybody's talking about cable television.


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DC People is a short feature that heralds individuals who improve the DC community and encourage others to make DC the outstanding place it is. DC PEOPLE don't have to be famous. They just have to be special. And they all share an emotional attachment to the District and a commitment to its future.

Now you can nominate someone to be on DC People. We will feature people, old and young, who help make a difference in our city, by their work, or by their example of what people can accomplish. Click on See More about DC People and click on the link to nominate someone. It could even be yourself.

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The American Veteran is a half-hour video news magazine designed to inform veterans, their families and their
communities about the services and benefits they have earned through their service to America and to recognize
and honor that service.

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Washington Full Circle - a high-energy, fast paced, entertaining and informative program - will give DCN viewers an all-access backstage pass to ALL things Washington. From music to theatre, fashion, travel, nightlife and everything in between, Washington Full Circle will highlight the latest trends in Washington, D.C.’s people, places, things and so much more…

Hosted by OCT’s award winning Senior Producer Ferman Patterson and a team of correspondents, Washington Full Circle will incorporate a lively mix of regular features that will take DCN viewers to a home-grown Washington that must be seen and seen again. Producer Patterson recently remarked “never before has D.C. created so many new places to see and experience. Exciting things are happening in neighborhoods all over the city and this program will be a captivating guide for all Washingtonians.

Washington Full Circle will be presented on DCN every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7:00 pm


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A DCN special presentation. Tune in for this unprecedented television event tracing freedom’s first steps in the Nation’s Capital. “Enslavement to Emancipation” is an informative and compelling television documentary chronicling the history of the Compensated Emancipation Act of April 16, 1862, freeing the enslaved people of Washington, DC. Featured historians and experts describe the creation and history of the city’s annual Emancipation Day celebration and our continuing struggle for full democracy in DC. The documentary also highlights the single largest attempted slave escape in U.S. history – the daring and dramatic bid for freedom aboard a schooner called the Pearl. “Enslavement to Emancipation” recounts the heroic war-time contributions of what was then called the U.S. First Colored Troops, African American slaves-turned-soldiers fighting for the Union during the Civil War. These are just a few of the historic events detailed in this special television production presented only on DCN

See the Special Enslavement to Emancipation

Q and A Cafe

A weekly talk show hosted by journalist and former network news producer Carol Joynt. Q & A Café offers candid conversation with today’s newsmakers in the dining room of the Ritz Carliton. Restaurant guests and television viewers are treated to the kind of informal yet insightful conversations that can only happen in the dining room. Tune in to the Q & A Café with Carol Joynt, where you’ll find no speeches – just free-flowing questions and answers.

Q & A Café with Carol Joynt will be presented on DCN every Friday at 8:00 pm.

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Q and A Cafe

ARTS (202) TV gives viewers the opportunity to discover the evolving landscape of the District's arts community. The new show spotlights artistic movements from across the city that are creating and solidifying Washington, DC as a world class cultural destination. Content will highlight gallery exhibitions, performances, cultural festivals, video art and short films.

ARTS (202) will be presented on DCN every Friday at 9:00 pm & Saturday at 11pm.

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Straight to the Point

Tune in for DCN’s fascinating program that tackles some of today’s toughest issues by being honest, open and straight to the point. Hosted by Tamika Felder and Cecily Fernandez, the program offers an eye-opening view of how many of today’s youth are struggling for answers to questions about life, family, education, crime and poverty. Invited guests and a teen studio audience join the show for discussions that people of all ages will find interesting.

Straight to the Point will be presented on DCN every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday at 7:00 pm.


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