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Note: The "cc" symbol identifies programs that are broadcast with Closed Captions.

Monday, December 3, 2012
12:00 am The O #104
12:30 am DC on the Air #107
1:30 am Press Announcement “Snow Team Dry Run” 11/2/12
2:00 am Business Buzz: WDCEP Doing Business 2.0 Starting a Business in DC, 11/14/12
3:30 am Uptown/Downtown
4:00 am CSOSA's DC Public Safety "Faith Based Initiatives"
4:30 am Press Announcement “25th Annual International Assoc. of Transportation Regulators” 11/28/12
5:00 am Straight to the Point #203
5:30 am The American Veteran Show #709
6:00 am “Jazz Cardio Strength Stretch” Show #22
6:30 am Inside One City “One City One Hire”
7:00 am Press Announcement “Automated Traffic Enforcement” 11/2/12
8:00 am 1350 Penn
8:30 am DCN Presents: DC’s Vote’s 2012 Champions of Democracy Awards Dinner, 10/17/12
10:00 am
11:00 am CSOSA’s DC Public Safety “Hiring People on Community Supervision”
11:30 am The District Dish #104
12:00 pm Fall 2012 Community Broadband Summit “Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is”, 11/5/12
1:30 pm Press Announcement “2012 Mayor’s Annual Disability Awareness Expo", 10/10/12
2:00 pm Business Buzz “2012 H St. Main Street Retail Summit” 11/9/12
3:30 pm Inside One City “One City One Hire”
4:00 pm “Jazz Cardio Strength Stretch” Show #11
4:30 pm Uptown/Downtown
5:00 pm 1350 Penn
5:30 pm Press Announcement “25th Annual International Assoc. of Transportation Regulators” 11/28/12
6:00 pm
7:00 pm The American Veteran Show #7
7:30 pm The District Dish #104
8:00 pm DCN Presents: "CNHEDS A Decade of Progress with the Housing Production Trust Fund” 10/2/12
9:00 pm CSOSA's DC Public Safety "Police and Parole and Probation Cooperation"
9:30 pm The O #105
10:00 pm Business Buzz: DC Chamber Morning Fix with Mayor Gray, 10/1/12
11:00 pm 1350 Penn
11:30 pm Press Announcement “Cathedral Commons Groundbreaking” 11/16/12