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Cable Television Advisory Committee

District of Columbia law established the Cable Television Advisory Committee (the "Advisory Committee") to assist and advise the District's Office of Cable Television ("OCT") and the City Council regarding development, regulation, and design of the cable television systems serving District residents. The Advisory Committee meets quarterly. Attendees at the meetings vary, but usually include (i) Advisory Committee members, (ii) OCT staff, (iii) representatives of the District's cable television providers, and (iv) interested citizens. The topics discussed at each meeting vary widely; recent topics of discussion have included the renewed Comcast cable television franchise agreement (which became effective October 21, 2002), OCT's negotiation of a long-term agreement with RCN Communications, introduction of advanced cable services such as high-speed Internet via cable modem, cable TV programming issues, and the District's recently-enacted customer service regulations, just to reveal a small spectrum of the issues that are examined.

The Advisory Committee consists of thirteen members, and the composition is set by District law (see Section 301(b) of the Cable Television Reform Amendment Act of 2002, effective October 3, 2002 (D.C. Law 14-412; D.C. Official Code 34-1253.01(b)):

1 Two representatives from the D.C. Council (one member designated by the Chairman and one member designated by the Chairperson of the Council Committee overseeing OCT (currently, the Committee on Economic Development));
2 One representative from the Consortium of Universities;
3 One representative of the District of Columbia Department of Transportation;
4 One representative from the Office of the Assistant City Administrator for Economic Development;
5 One member of the District of Columbia Public School Board, selected by the President of the School Board;
6 One registered engineer with appropriate cable television expertise;
7 One District resident with expert knowledge of the telecommunications industry;
8 One resident senior citizen;
9 One member of the Board of Directors of the Public Access Corporation;
10 Two District residents with appropriate technological expertise; and
11 One representative from any of the Advisory Neighborhood Commissions in the District.

The Advisory Committee meets quarterly, with meetings generally held on the second Tuesday of the month. The meetings are generally held at OCT's headquarters, 3007 Tilden Street, NW, Pod P, Washington, DC 20008. OCT is located in the Intelsat building at Tilden Street and Connecticut Avenue with entry via the Tilden Street Intelsat entrance. OCT is accessible via mass transit (the Van Ness/UDC Metro station on Metro's Red line is within walking distance.) The public is invited to attend meetings: please contact Vannice Edmunds, Paralegal Specialist of the Office of Cable Television via email at vannice.edmunds@dc.gov or by telephone at 202-671-0066 if you are interested in attending a meeting.

Questions or concerns regarding the Cable Television Advisory Committee may be forwarded to Vannice Edmunds, Paralegal Specialist, of the Office of Cable Television, or email at vannice.edmunds@dc.gov or via telephone at 202-671-0066.